2009-2011 B-Roll Footage

12 August 2011

Everyone loves some good b-roll, alright well maybe not. But if you have 19 minutes to kill, check out this pile of left over clips and random non-sense shot over the last few years.

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3 March 2010

The tenth annual “Bitter Cold Show Down” skate comp and trade show just took place last weekend at Modern Skatepark in Detroit, MI and over the last few days the video edits have been showing up all of the internet. So I thought I would show off the best of them here.

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Shred Til You’re Dead!

1 January 2010

Earlier this year 5 of the best skaters in the world went on a North West camping and concrete skate park tour from San Francisco up to Oregon, around Idaho and back down. Ivan Narez filmed the entire tour and is releasing it free online, section by section, week by week. They just released part 4 of 7 today and feature some of the coolest looking skate parks I’ve seen in a while.

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“Get Me Off The Streets” Video Edit

2 November 2009

I appoligize for the delay, but here is the edit of our recent skate competition and concert at Corning Park. Hope you like it!

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2009 Corning Park Event

11 October 2009

Thank you everyone who came out yesterday to show your support and share some good times with us, and a special thanks to Matt James & The Progress Notes.

We had a lot of donated gift certificates to hand out through the day which resulted in a lot of games of skate, a high jump contest, a best launch box trick contest, and a best trick in the whole course contest. We also had 3 trophies to give out and had everyone vote at the end of the day for who …

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August Events Edit

20 September 2009

After having my computer crash on me several times, trying to organize the upcoming concert, our other fund raisers, and my full time day job, I finally finished up our edit of this years Inkfest, Homecoming, Parade, and footage from a couple random sessions. Vimeo didn’t seem to like my color correction and turned the brightness on blast, but it still looks decent for an online video. I will upload a quicktime file of it tomorrow.

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Practice Rail Session

7 September 2009

Mike Reaser, Justin Tribett, and myself sessioned Justin’s little practice rails today and I was able to catch a few photos. I also wanted to let everyone know that we were able to raise $216 at this Sunday’s car wash. Thanks to everyone who helped out or stopped to have their car washed, we always appreciate it.

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More Inkfest Photos

18 August 2009

Carrie Curry from CCD Imaging was generous enough to contribute some of her photos from Inkfest this weekend, so I thought I would post them up for everyone.

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Inkfest Thank You’s

16 August 2009

If there is anything we understand at The Skate Plaza Foundation, it is the frustration of trying to organize an event. So on that note, we would like to thank Randall Hupp for taking on this project, having to deal with unreliable partners, and yet still making things happen. www.myspace.com/ashen184ever

Due to a lot of businesses flaking on the event at the last minute, the crowd wasn’t quite as large as we had hoped but we still managed to sell a dozen or so tee shirts and with the proceeds of …

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Festival International Sports Extreme

10 July 2009

Though it has nothing to do directly with the Parkersburg Skate Plaza, I just caught this new teaser/promotion of this years F.I.S.E. (Festival International Sports Extreme) event held in Montpellier, France where they apparently don’t have the same problems between the sports as we do here in the U.S. which is really great to see. It is an extremely well put together video with some amazing tricks as well, so check it out.

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