Jake Washburn Edit Featuring Jake Washburn

20 July 2011

Jake Washburn recently conducted a scientific experiment on the effects of facial hair on freestyle skate boarding maneuvers and documented it in the video below. The results speak for themself.

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An Acoustic Marietta Montage

7 June 2011

Jake Washburn just dropped another little edit, this time of some shredding at the bowl in Marietta, OH.

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Quick Weekend Sesh by Jake Washburn

28 February 2011

Jake Washburn drove down this past weekend to soak up the nice weather and test out his new Canon T2i HDSLR. Nothing too crazy but its something to watch and I’m sure he will have more to come.

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Construction Time Lapse of Marietta’s Bowl

20 October 2010

Just came across this on Youtube and though it was cool that you can actually watch them basically build the entire bowl in six minutes.

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Progressive Disaster of Footage

4 September 2010

Jake Washburn from Marietta just put his latest video online where you can watch it for free. It features Zach Debrular from Parkersburg as well as other locals. You can get a copy for yourself here.

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Zach Debrular

12 June 2010

Probably the best skate boarder to ever come from Parkersburg, check out this Zach Debrular profile by Jake Washburn.

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Dan Fluharty x Marietta Bowl

18 November 2009

This past Sunday I was able to get a grip of filming done for our upcoming promotional video at Marietta’s brand new bowl. One skater in particular was pulling clip after clip, so I decided to throw together this quick edit of of Dan Fluharty shredding the new park.

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Marietta Park Updates

19 September 2009

MARIETTA – As the new and improved Marietta skatepark takes shape, city officials are already looking ahead to ways they can add to the project and turn the park into a destination for skate boarding enthusiasts.

“It’s incredible,” Skaters United member Evan Hendershot, 22, said Wednesday, looking at the concrete flow bowl taking shape at Indian Acres. “It’s like way more than I expected it to be.”

All seven members of city council met at the site Wednesday evening for a public lands, buildings and parks committee meeting to receive an update …

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Marietta Skate Park Construction Photos

9 September 2009

I heard the Marietta park was about halfway done the other day, so I decided to take a little trip up there to scope it out. Ran into a few of the homies while I was there and they said the entrance/street section should be done in as soon as two weeks.

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Marietta Sneak Peak

12 May 2009

Shawn Sorrie recently dropped some blue prints on me of Marietta’s upcoming additions.

Looks pretty crazy if you ask me. So even if the PKG park takes a little bit longer than expected at least we will still have something nice just up the river to skate in the mean time. The only thing I’m not crazy about is how low that coping is sunk into the deck. I know the boarder/blader ratio is about 15/1 these days but seriously, throw us a bone here, even with wax it is almost …

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