Parkersburg Making Headlines

12 May 2011

Alright we’re not really making headlines, but we did recently show up in a Yahoo New article about how to raise money for skate parks.

We have also made an appearance on the website of everyone’s favorite, The Tea Party! Apparently this blasphemous waste of money rendered them speechless because they didn’t have anything to say about it, they just posted the News and Sentinel’s cell phone video.

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RIP Roy Collins

16 April 2011

We received some terrible news last night that Roy Collins passed away in a car wreck. Roy and his wife Shirley are the ones who started the Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation back in 2005 and if you ever came to any of our events or fundraisers you’re sure to have met him or at least seen him around. He was a great guy and did a lot to get this project to where it is today. We are all going to miss him.

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Ground Breaking Part 3

21 March 2011

If you have visited the site in the last few days you know that it is some how already completely dried out and ready for construction, however, Grindline Skateparks is even further behind schedule than we thought and a new estimated ground breaking date has been pushed all the way back to May 1st. We will get there eventually….

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Ground Breaking

2 March 2011

In case you were wondering why Grindline isn’t in Parkersburg working on the park right now, apparently they are still finishing up a park in Atlanta and so the start of our project has been pushed back about two weeks. So sometime around March 15th they should be arriving. I know it is hard to be patient, but some of use have been waiting for this longer than some of you have been alive, so, another few weeks won’t kill anyone.

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RIP Hubba’s Hideout

28 January 2011

Less than a year after the demise of probably the most famous skate spot in the world, The Brooklyn Banks, another world famous spot is meeting its end, Hubba’s Hideout in San Fransisco. There is a war on skate spots and the need for proper skate parks and plazas is greater than ever.

Julio taking a piece of the legend home with him.

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Grindline Street Parks

16 October 2010

I know a lot of you have been concerned about Grindline’s grasp of street skating and their ability to design a plaza. So I thought I would post some photos of a street park that looks pretty good that they built in Portage, MI to show they do have some experience with street. What do you think?
Portage, Michigan
Oceanside, California
Prairie Village, Kansas

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Getting Closer

22 July 2010

There is a lot that goes into building a $300,000 skate park, a lot of legal stuff and procedures I don’t completely understand which keeps me very grateful to have some members of the Downtown Development Task Force Committee around helping out. But I am going to attempt to give you a general time line (subject to change) from now until the plaza’s completion. Feel free to correct me if am wrong or missing anything here Eric.
We have just finished an application/qualifying period and and have qualified 4 firms to …

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Accepting Contractor Bids

24 June 2010

Now that we have met our $300,000 minimum goal marker, we are accepting bids on the job. So far we have our eye on these 3 firms who have very impressive portfolios designing and constructing both plazas and parks. What do you think?

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Thursday Meeting

23 June 2010

Just a reminder that we are having a meeting tomorrow, Thursday June 24, at 7pm at the city building. We now have the money for a $300,000 skate plaza with building tentatively starting in August, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. We still have our annual skate competition to plan and raise money for and would like to continue to raise funds locally for future upgrades and also skateboards, equipment and bus passes for low income kids. Please show you’re support and your gratitude for those who …

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“I Hate Skater Punks”

25 May 2010

It’s always comical to read the eccentric negative comments on or whenever there is news about the skate plaza. This comment is a bit different, however. It is being treated as a serious or respectable point of view and apparently was an actual article in the newspaper. The article implies you are less important than kids who play with bouncy balls, I mean basketballs, and even goes as far to say that we should be ashamed of ourselves for thinking you were.
I guess the important thing is not …

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