Ground Breaking Ceremony

7 May 2011

If you haven’t already seen or read, the city held a ground breaking ceremony to thank everyone who has donated or helped out with this project and to announce that Monday Grindline is expected to begin working.
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Results of The Second Public Meeting

25 November 2010

After collectively gathering input from the skate community over the last four months, through two public meetings and several online forums, Grindline Skateparks is making the final tweaks and adjustments to the design and should be finished by the end of December.

Photo by Brett Dunlap

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Second Public Meeting With Grindline

18 November 2010

Our one week online review period is over as of Wednesday and now Micah Shapiro of Grindline Skateparks is planning to return to Parkersburg next Tuesday, November 23rd, this time at the City Building downtown at 6:00pm to present an updated draft of the design. Hope to see you there.

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Casey Hardman: Get Me Off The Streets Edit

9 November 2010

Better late than never. Here is Casey Hardman’s edit of our skate comp and concert back in August.

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Homecoming Parade Photos

31 October 2010

I know it is pretty late, but I had forgotten all about these and never posted them. So here they finally are, maybe your are in one or two.

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Parkersburg High School Skate Club

4 October 2010

The word on the monkey bars is PHS has a “skate club.” Wes Florence put this edit together from their last few sessions and wants to hopefully put together an edit every week until winter sets in.

On the other side of town, South Parkersburg High School still doesn’t have a club of their own, but since Parkersburg is such a small city it is pretty easy for every one to just skate together. Here are some photos Casey Hardman shot at their last few sessions. Check out all of his …

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Public Meeting With Grindline

27 September 2010

Thursday, October 7th, 6:00pm at the City Park Pavillion
We will be having a public meeting with all of the local skaters, all of us at the foundation and city, and Grindline, who will present some ideas to us and then you will be given a chance to share some ideas with them.
If you can’t make it to the meeting, you can still post your thoughts and ideas online here and they will be taken into consideration just the same as if you were at the meeting.

UPDATE: Thursday, October 7th, 4:00pm
Today …

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Grindline Awarded Bid

9 September 2010

It’s official now, we have chosen Grindline Skateparks to construct our facility. We are waiting to hear how soon they can be in town, which we are hoping can be as soon as next week. From there, the skate plaza foundation and the city officials will meet with them and show them around Fort Neal Park where they will be working, and then holding another public meeting with all of you to go over design ideas.
We are wanting to move this thing along as quickly as possible, for one, because …

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Skating In The Parade

17 August 2010

It’s that time of year again. If you want to skate in the parade with us, be at the PHS field house no later than 11:00am. Just look for the mob of skate boarders, that will be us. And make sure to wear your Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation tee shirts.
We will also be running a booth all weekend long at during the Homecoming, so make sure to come by and hang out. If nothing else, this helps us pass the time while we are stuck behind the table. We will …

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2010 Skate Comp & Concert

8 August 2010

If you didn’t come to the event yesterday you really missed out. We want to thank all the bands, Matt James & The Progress Notes for coming out the second year in a row, Marc Noland (he told me the new name of his band yesterday but I’ve already forgot), Living On Stolen TIme, and Revulvas.

Thank you to Shawn Sorrie and Alpha Omega for giving us a discount on the ramps and mc’ing the competition. Thank you to FOX Parkersburg for helping us get the word out and giving out …

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