Adam Deems Raw Clips

17 June 2014

Check out this dope collection of raw clips put together by Adam deems.

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“River Planks” Video by Jason Henry

16 December 2013

Check out Jason Henry’s 16 minute skate video featuring a lot of Parkersburg.

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Jason Bash Photos

30 September 2011

Jason Bash of Athens, OH sent over some photos of local dudes Dan Fluharty and Zack Debrular shredding the new park. Thanks a lot Jason!

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First Park Edit by Casey Hardman

4 September 2011

Here is the very first edit of the new skate park, shot and edited by Casey Hardman.

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2009-2011 B-Roll Footage

12 August 2011

Everyone loves some good b-roll, alright well maybe not. But if you have 19 minutes to kill, check out this pile of left over clips and random non-sense shot over the last few years.

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Jake Washburn Edit Featuring Jake Washburn

20 July 2011

Jake Washburn recently conducted a scientific experiment on the effects of facial hair on freestyle skate boarding maneuvers and documented it in the video below. The results speak for themself.

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New Edit by Jake Washburn

30 June 2011

Parkersburg is loosing a talented skate video maker this fall when Jake Washburn leaves to go to college, but in the meantime here is another edit, this time of Adam Deems and James Johnson shredding. (PARENTAL ADVISORY: THE MUSIC HAS SOME POTTY MOUTH LANGUAGE)

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An Acoustic Marietta Montage

7 June 2011

Jake Washburn just dropped another little edit, this time of some shredding at the bowl in Marietta, OH.

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Quick Weekend Sesh by Jake Washburn

28 February 2011

Jake Washburn drove down this past weekend to soak up the nice weather and test out his new Canon T2i HDSLR. Nothing too crazy but its something to watch and I’m sure he will have more to come.

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Todd Baucher Skate Boarding?

16 November 2010

Apparently local news anchor Todd Baucher has been out living a double life as a pro skate boarder shredding it up on the pro circuit. What do you think?

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