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21 Aug 2011 | 19 Comments

After a frustrating and very disappointing experience with Grindline Skateparks, things are nearly finished and a grand opening is scheduled to be held Thursday, September 1st at 4:00pm. Some very significant changes have been made to the park’s design however and we would like to apologize. For the last six years we have promised you a plaza and know you all were very excited for one or at least the design in what we were told was the final draft. Regardless, it’s at least a legal place to skate and we are all stoked about that. Hope to see you September 1st.

First and foremost we are glad to hear some of you enjoy the park and hope everybody else will still be able to as well. We have all worked very hard to raise the money to pay for this project and would hate to see it only enjoyed by a handful of skaters.

If for some reason you don’t understand the disappointment, the obvious reason as some of you have already pointed out is we paid for a specific design that benefited the widest range of skaters. So it is very disappointing to see things changed and things left out simply because of a contractor’s personal preferences.

12 Aug 2011 | One Comment

Everyone loves some good b-roll, alright well maybe not. But if you have 19 minutes to kill, check out this pile of left over clips and random non-sense shot over the last few years.