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30 Jun 2010 | Leave A Comment

I finally figured out the editing settings to work with the footage from my new camera, so even though it is a month or two late, here is a short video from our first car wash of the year, with a few responses to the $100,000 grant we had just been awarded.

24 Jun 2010 | 12 Comments

Now that we have met our $300,000 minimum goal marker, we are accepting bids on the job. So far we have our eye on these 3 firms who have very impressive portfolios designing and constructing both plazas and parks. What do you think?

Parkersburg Skate Plaza

Parkersburg Skate Plaza

Parkersburg Skate Plaza

23 Jun 2010 | One Comment

Just a reminder that we are having a meeting tomorrow, Thursday June 24, at 7pm at the city building. We now have the money for a $300,000 skate plaza with building tentatively starting in August, but that doesn’t mean we’re done. We still have our annual skate competition to plan and raise money for and would like to continue to raise funds locally for future upgrades and also skateboards, equipment and bus passes for low income kids. Please show you’re support and your gratitude for those who have worked hard these past few years to make this happen, with your continued time and efforts. See you tomorrow night.

- Katie Petrish

12 Jun 2010 | Leave A Comment

Probably the best skate boarder to ever come from Parkersburg, check out this Zach Debrular profile by Jake Washburn.

1 Jun 2010 | 4 Comments

Just a quick reminder that we are having a meeting this Thursday, June 3rd, in the small conference room in the city building at 7:00pm. We have been floating the idea at the last few meetings and events, to hold another skate competition/concert. The plaza still won’t be built for quite a while so we will be holding the event again at Corning Park. But anyways, if you are interested in helping out, if your band is interested in playing, stop by and see what’s going on.