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14 Feb 2010 | Leave A Comment

Everybody make sure to stop by Chick-Fil-A anytime on Friday, March 5th. Ask to have your receipt put into the Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation’s container and a portion of that day’s proceeds will go to the foundation.

14 Feb 2010 | Leave A Comment

At our last meeting with the Downtown Development Task Force, Chad Mildren presented a complete list of sponsors and their donations. I thought I would post them here to show our appreciation and remind all of the skaters that there actually are people out there that care and want to help. So the next time you run into any of these individuals or organizations, make sure to thank them and show your respect.

McDonough Foundation – $50,000
State of WV (Donna Boley) – $42,500
Tri-State Roofing and Sheet Metal – $15,00
County of Wood – $10,000
Tony Hawk Foundation – $10,000
United Bank – $10,000
MSBCBS – $10,000
Mary Riccobene – $10,000
Parkersburg Area Community Foundation – $5,000
John Ralsten – $5,000
Oakland Foundation – $5,000
State of WV (State Reps) – $3,000
Cas Cable – $2,500
Sisters of St. Joseph – $2,500
WesBanco – $2,000
Charles & Betty Matthews – $1,000
Trinity ECW – $1,000
PM Company – $1,000
Robert & Geni Astorg – $1,000

Other sponsors include Richard & Liza Adams, Mario Schwabe MD, Jason and Cindy Bullock, Dan Marshall, Elizabeth Lutz, Rick Modesitt, Len & Beth Harvey, Robert and Sandra Lessig, Joe and Jane Kincheloe, Doug Swearigen, Karen Reed, Bob Full, Mr. & Mrs. R. Bruce White, George Lantz, and Bill Bailey.

Thanks again to everyone who has donated. Even those who dropped off a few coins in our can during a car wash or the Homecoming, we appreciate it all!

3 Feb 2010 | Leave A Comment

It’s that time of year again to start holding our monthly meetings at the City Building downtown. Our first meeting of 2010 will be held Thursday, February 18th at 7:00pm in the small conference room. If you have any questions about how to find your way there just comment in the form below or email us at info@parkersburgskateplaza.org and we can help you out.

Co-founder of the skate plaza foundation, Roy Collins, would like to elect officers for this up coming year. We are also looking for more adult figures to get involved in this project. Both of these agendas are important to the image and stability of the foundation. People want to know they are supporting an organized and responsible group of people when they donate to the cause. So if you can make it, please do so. We look forward to seeing everyone there!