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28 Jan 2010 | 4 Comments

Winter is always a dead time for us, but we don’t go any where. Construction is scheduled to proceed as vaguely planned, sometime late spring when the weather is starting to consistently be nice. We also have to wait to hear back from one last large possible contribution. Last week we put our $100,000 application in for the Land and Water Conservation Grant. It is a federal Grant from the U.S. Department of the Interior which is managed by the state of West Virginia. There is no definite time line as to when we will hear back on this, but the state has the money, only units of local governments are eligible for these funds and they are strictly for recreation. They were there to support the Wheeling skate park, so we are hoping they will support our facility as well.

We have also received several smaller, yet greatly appreciated, contributions from organizations such as the Sisters of St. Joseph Charitable Fund. All together we are now up to about $190,000. Hopefully with in the next few months we will be able to announce $290,000, so go ahead cross your fingers and get your hopes up…….. well maybe not that last part just yet.

We also wanted to post a few photos from local south side shredder Casey Hardman who has a lot of talent behind the camera. Hopefully Casey will be around a lot to document the construction of the park and the always crazy first few weeks of skating after it opens.

1 Jan 2010 | Leave A Comment

Earlier this year 5 of the best skaters in the world went on a North West camping and concrete skate park tour from San Francisco up to Oregon, around Idaho and back down. Ivan Narez filmed the entire tour and is releasing it free online, section by section, week by week. They just released part 4 of 7 today and feature some of the coolest looking skate parks I’ve seen in a while.