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22 Oct 2009 | One Comment

We’ve added a new item to our list of fund raisers, this time, selling tickets to the Grand Central Mall’s yearly, “Magical Night of Giving.” They are $5 a piece and all ticket sale proceeds go directly to the non-profit group you bought the ticket from, so make sure you buy them from us. As always, you can leave a comment here or email us at info@parkersburgskateplaza.org.

17 Oct 2009 | Leave A Comment

We have another CiCi’s Pizza benefit night coming up this Tuesday, October 20th from 5:00-8:0pm. If you can, come help us out. You can either literally help us out getting people refills and explaining our cause, or at least come get something to eat and leave us some tips! Hope to see you there.

17 Oct 2009 | One Comment

Eric Cunningham just sent us a video edit he made from a few sessions around town and during the recent Corning Park event. Check it out.

11 Oct 2009 | 8 Comments

Thank you everyone who came out yesterday to show your support and share some good times with us, and a special thanks to Matt James & The Progress Notes.

We had a lot of donated gift certificates to hand out through the day which resulted in a lot of games of skate, a high jump contest, a best launch box trick contest, and a best trick in the whole course contest. We also had 3 trophies to give out and had everyone vote at the end of the day for who they thought deserved 1st place beginner, 1st place intermediate, 1st place advanced, and the best trick of the whole day.

Doug Corbin ended up taking the cake with 1st place beginner, as well as the best trick of the day, which was also the winning best trick in the whole course contest. So Dougie walked away with a 1st place trophy, a brand new skate board, a hand full of gift certificates, and I believe $20 cash from Alpha Omega Board Shop. Congrats Doug!

Everyone’s favorite Nordic import, Erlend Bjoerklund, took the 1st place intermediate spot and won several games of skate through out the day. Congratulations Erland.

And in 1st place advanced went to Kevin Morris. Congratulations and thanks again to everyone for coming out, we always appreciate it and hope to see you at our up coming CiCi’s Pizza benefit nights later this month.

11 Oct 2009 | Leave A Comment

PARKERSBURG Skate board enthusiasts from the surrounding areas were out Saturday for a day of skate boarding at Corning Park.

Roy Collins, chairman of the Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation, said the day of contests and games encouraged awareness of the project to build a skate plaza in conjunction with the Wood County Development Authority Downtown Task Force.

“We’ve raised $153,000 for the project and we need another $200,000 to build this,” he said. “This is something Parkersburg has not had since the 1980s.”

Funds have come from grants including $50,000 from the McDonough Foundation and $10,000 from the Tony Hawk Foundation, state and federal sources and donations. Grant applications are pending, he said.

The city has set aside property for the park on First Avenue near the ELITE Sports Center where organizers wanted to begin construction this fall and have it open a year later. The proposed plaza will be 15,000 to 18,000 square feet and made from concrete, Collins said.

“The old skate park in City Park was made out of plywood and it rotted,” he said.

During Saturday’s activity, as many as 50 skateboarders were on hand along with a few BMX bike riders, Collins said.

“This is just a drop of the skate boarders we have here,” he said. “If all of them showed up here, this place would not be big enough to hold them. There is a lot of interest.”

Some of the skate boarders at the event said they think the skate plaza is long overdue.

“I think this is great,” said Zach Loscar of Parkersburg, “If we can get the money we will have a place to skate board.”

Loscar said skate boarders in Parkersburg have to take chances if they want to skate board.

“Either we have to go on the streets or trespass and get ion trouble,” he said.

Steve White agreed the plaza is something that has been too long in coming

“It should have been built a long time ago,” he said. “We were hoping to see something done by now.”

- Jeffery Soulton

7 Oct 2009 | Leave A Comment

“The city will pay for it with $430,000 in grants and match it with bond money and a chunk of the city’s share of community development block grants.”

read the entire article here…

1 Oct 2009 | Leave A Comment

I just got word from Roy Collins that we are going to try this event one more time, Saturday, October 10th and plan on a rain date of Sunday the 11th. We are currently trying to re-schedule the bands and we will let you know who is going to be there as soon as we can. Other than that, it should all be the same info as before, so help us spread the word because we’ve only got one week!

Re-Scheduled Notebook Size Flyer