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25 Sep 2009 | Leave A Comment

Unfortunately we have no choice but to cancel the event this weekend due to the weather. We are looking into possibly rescheduling it for sometime in the near future, but for now all bets are off :(

22 Sep 2009 | Leave A Comment

We recently had 50 posters printed out to promote the skate competition and concert this weekend. The print company screwed up our order and we got a stack of awkward 9.5×14.25″ prints, but they still look pretty fresh, so, what ever I guess. Also, if you would like to print out some copies yourself, you can save the file linked below. They should fit pretty close to regular size printer paper. And without getting too nerdy on you, they were made in CMYK, as is everything intended to be printed, as opposed to RGB which is for everything intended to be view on a screen like a TV or computer monitor. Internet Explorer™ doesn’t like CMYK and refuses to display any image made in CMYK. So just right click the link below and save it to your hard drive then print the file from whatever word processor, image editor, or program you may have. Hope to see you this weekend!

>> Competition and Concert Poster Link <<

20 Sep 2009 | Leave A Comment

After having my computer crash on me several times, trying to organize the upcoming concert, our other fund raisers, and my full time day job, I finally finished up our edit of this years Inkfest, Homecoming, Parade, and footage from a couple random sessions. Vimeo didn’t seem to like my color correction and turned the brightness on blast, but it still looks decent for an online video. I will upload a quicktime file of it tomorrow.

19 Sep 2009 | Leave A Comment

MARIETTA – As the new and improved Marietta skatepark takes shape, city officials are already looking ahead to ways they can add to the project and turn the park into a destination for skate boarding enthusiasts.

“It’s incredible,” Skaters United member Evan Hendershot, 22, said Wednesday, looking at the concrete flow bowl taking shape at Indian Acres. “It’s like way more than I expected it to be.”

All seven members of city council met at the site Wednesday evening for a public lands, buildings and parks committee meeting to receive an update on the project.
Mayor Michael Mullen told council members that the use of city workers to assist Seattle-based contractor Grindline Skateparks Inc. and donations by area businesses may result in enough money being left over for an additional feature that would put the park on the skate boarding map.

The initial design allowed for a half-sphere structure known as a cradle to be added later. Mullen said Wednesday there could be enough money already allocated to the project to incorporate the cradle now. Grindline employee and Athens resident Zack Powell said skater from as far away as North Carolina come to the region to enjoy a circuit of skateparks that includes facilities in Wheeling and Athens. There is no quality cradle in that circuit or anywhere nearby, he said.

“It really turns it into more of a draw,” Powell said.

Councilman Tom Vukovic, D-4th Ward, said the park needs to be attractive to people outside of the city.

“Making this a destination is really important,” he said.

Mullen said an exact cost figure for the cradle will not be available until next week. Councilman David White, R-1st Ward, said he would support kicking in a little extra money to add the cradle if the amount needed beyond what was allocated is less than $5,000.

Even if the financing wasn’t immediately available, the cradle could be added later, said city safety-service director Chad Presley. Including construction of the cradle, Mullen estimated the park could be finished in three weeks, with a ribbon-cutting in October.

City officials also discussed a change in direction for the next phase of the project. A “pool,” essentially a second bow-shaped area, was targeted next, but now the city is looking adding a “street course,” featuring rails, steps, and the like, to appeal to a different demographic of skaters.

“I think it’s a great idea because you don’t want to limit it to just one type of skating,” Hendershot said.

Mullen said the street course could have a $50,000 price tag. However, he suggested the project could be done for half that since city workers would be able to do a lot more of the work than on the current project.

- Evan Bevins

18 Sep 2009 | Leave A Comment

Today our first ad ran in the Parkersburg News and Sentinel, who are generously donating to our cause.

Clear Channel Radio has also generously donated some air time to us to promote the event, so keep your ears open while listening to the radio and you might catch it. We are also getting 50 posters printed out this weekend, and with word of mouth and the constant promotion through our own website here, we are hoping to bring a decent sized crowd. If you work at or know a place that gets a lot of traffic and would be cool with us putting up on of our posters let us know. We would the paint the town with these if it were legal. You can also help out a lot just by spreading the word. Gossip is the most powerful media there is, so get to jabbering out September 26th and “The Get Me Off The Streets” skate competition and concert!

16 Sep 2009 | One Comment

Thank you everyone who showed up for our CiCi’s Benefit Night. We got nothing but positive feedback from the many people who came and went last night and were more than willing to leave us a tip. With tips alone we were able to raise $155.25, and with the percentage of their receipts CiCi’s was donating we brought in $48.53, together totaling $203.78. Roy Collins, with the help of Joe Petrish, just cashed in our heaping pile of cans at the recycling center and was able to bring in $229.84. A donation of $1,000 was also recently given to Chad Mildren, and with the $216 we brought in at the car was last week, it brings our September fund raising total up to $1,649.62 and we still have the “Get Me Off The Streets” skate competition and concert coming up September 26th, which will most definitely be our largest event yet.

Things are definitely coming around and we hope to keep it that way as we have finally set a fund raising deadline for February 2010. What ever we have raised at that point, we will go with and begin planning the actual construction.

So if you want a full sized $500,000 skate plaza make sure you come to all of our events to help us in our grass roots fund raising, and at the same time hopefully inspire some of the wealthier individuals and groups of the Mid Ohio Valley to pitch in, by showing them just how many people want and support this skate park! If you don’t really care and are cool with skating a little quarter of the size $150,000 park go ahead and stay at home. It’s cool.

9 Sep 2009 | 8 Comments

I heard the Marietta park was about halfway done the other day, so I decided to take a little trip up there to scope it out. Ran into a few of the homies while I was there and they said the entrance/street section should be done in as soon as two weeks.

7 Sep 2009 | Leave A Comment

Mike Reaser, Justin Tribett, and myself sessioned Justin’s little practice rails today and I was able to catch a few photos. I also wanted to let everyone know that we were able to raise $216 at this Sunday’s car wash. Thanks to everyone who helped out or stopped to have their car washed, we always appreciate it.