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28 Jul 2009 | Leave A Comment

Are You Planning On Eating August 4th?

If you are you should probably eat at the Grand Central Avenue Burger King and tell them the skate plaza foundation sent you. They agreed to give us a portion of their sales that day with every customer we send their way between 4:30 and 7:30 with a copy of the flyer below. Print out as many as you would like and give them to all your friends.


We will also be having our next meeting 7:30pm that day at Burger King instead of the usual City Building conference room, so stick around a bit to catch up on all the news and future plans for the skate park.

The Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation, Inc Burger King fund raiser.

We are also planning on attending this years Ink Fest, presented by Ashen 18 tattoo shop. I’m not sure on the details with this event yet, but they are having a meeting about the event this Saturday, August 1st, 4:00pm at their shop which is located at 812 Avery St., across from the still some what new BB&T building. They have asked us to invite any one who maybe interesting in setup and spot themselves to head over that day and hear what the plans are.

And one last bit of news, Katie Petrush from our small group of helpers was able to bring in $103 for us at The Parkersburg News & Sentinel’s most recent yard/parking lot sale. Thanks a lot Katie, we appreciate all your help!

18 Jul 2009 | One Comment

I was able to trick another unsuspecting young lady into modeling our tee shirts, so I put together another little page to show them off. Everybody make sure to thank Jennifer Needs (the unsuspecting youg lady) for modeling them for us. The shirts are $10 each, small, medium, large, and a few extra larges, all in adult sizes. Drop us an email at info@parkersburgskateplaza.org if you want one, or stop by the car wash tomorrow.


10 Jul 2009 | Leave A Comment

Though it has nothing to do directly with the Parkersburg Skate Plaza, I just caught this new teaser/promotion of this years F.I.S.E. (Festival International Sports Extreme) event held in Montpellier, France where they apparently don’t have the same problems between the sports as we do here in the U.S. which is really great to see. It is an extremely well put together video with some amazing tricks as well, so check it out.

7 Jul 2009 | One Comment

Just picked them up today. $10 a pop, small, medium, large, and a couple extra larges.

'If You Build It They Will Stop Skating on Your Property' tee-shirts by The Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation, Inc

6 Jul 2009 | Leave A Comment

JULY 19th FROM 12:00 (NOON) – 4:00

Like always, we have had to juggle some dates around and July 19th, what was going to be the weekend of the “Get Me Off The Streets” skate comp and concert, is now going to be the weekend of another awesome car wash. Shawn Surrie has had a full plate of events and wasn’t able to organize the concert for us like we hoped, so that event has been pushed back to maybe as late as September when all of the homecomings are over, people are back in town from summer vacations, and we are able to find some actual bands to commit which is actually our largest burden right now.

So if you know anyone (we aren’t talking about your cousin’s friend’s neighbor who plays the guitar sometimes) who is in a band or if you are in a band yourself and are willing to play pro-bono for a good cause then let us know. We are still able to use Shawn’s ramp and stage setup and generally we don’t have a problem drawing a crowd as long as it doesn’t involve work. So let us know and help us spread the word.

You can contact us as at info@parkersburgskateplaza.org

2 Jul 2009 | Leave A Comment

The Wood County Development Authority Downtown Task Force recently had some brochures put together to distribute and Roy and Shirely had a few to hand out at our last meeting.

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Brochure

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Brochure

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Brochure

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Brochure

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Brochure

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Brochure

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Brochure

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Brochure