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30 Apr 2009 | Leave A Comment

Dear Applicant,

The Tony Hawk Foundation Board of Directors set to review Spring 2009 applications for skatepark grants. After much deliberation, I am pleased to inform you that your project was selected to receive $10,000 for the construction of your public skatepark.

Formal notification, as well as instructions and our Grant Agreement, will follow in the mail. In the meantime, we would appreciate if you could respond to let us know whether you intend to accept the Grant.

We appreciate the work you continue to do on behalf of skaters in your community, and we are pleased to have the opportunity to assist your project and help make your dream of a free, quality skatepark a reality.

Please look for the Grant information in the mail in the next few weeks.

Best Regards,

Kirsten Kuhn
Program Manager
Tony Hawk Foundation

29 Apr 2009 | 4 Comments

As of right now, we are planning to hold our art show June 6th at the Parkersburg Art Center and the entry deadline will be May 29th. Shawn Sorrie and myself met with Abby Hayhurst this evening to discuss some things and take a look around the place.

Get Me Off The Streets Art Show

Well to start things off with some bad news, we aren’t going to be able to bring in any ramps to skate for obvious reasons, important people are paranoid. But who didn’t see that coming? Anyways, we have decided to change the theme a bit from a competition to just a skate themed art show. So this means if you are a photographer and want to show off some photos of someone skating or even a skate spot, you can. If you have a skateboard or pair of skates that you have painted, drawn on, or sticker’d up and feel it is art worthy, bring them in. If you are a tattoo artist and have designed or tattooed someone with a skate themed piece, bring it/them in. If you are a painter, graffiti artist, sculptor, wood worker, whatever…. you are welcome to bring in your skate oriented work and show it off.

You are probably wondering, what about the tee shirts? Well we are still going to pull a design from this show, it just isn’t going to be so obvious. We are going to have a handful of undercover judges who will be at the show checking out everyone’s work, looking for the best piece to print on a tee shirt. We are still hashing out details and Abby is putting together an official press release type deal as we speak, so make sure to check back later for more information. Until then just keep working on your ideas and be ready for what will hopefully be a great time.

Get Me Off The Streets Art Show

Get Me Off The Streets Art Show

Get Me Off The Streets Art Show

Get Me Off The Streets Art Show

We also took some time to look around the other displays. These little dude were all over the place, it was crazy.

Get Me Off The Streets Art Show

Get Me Off The Streets Art Show

Get Me Off The Streets Art Show

22 Apr 2009 | Leave A Comment

Just letting everyone know that our next meeting will be Tuesday, April 28th at 7:00pm in the large conference room of the city building.

For anybody who doesn’t know where we are talking about, if you are driving down Market Street you will pass The Blennerhassett Hotel on the left, then you will see our giant castle looking Courthouse on the right, and just barely past that on the left is the City building. If you are a skater you have probably been kicked out of here before, it has a fountain and long sidewalk/bridge that leads up to the front doors. As soon as you walk in look to the right and there is a large conference room, and we will either be sitting inside or wandering around the front door/s looking for you. I hope that helps and I hope to see you there.

5 Apr 2009 | 4 Comments

As you already know if you have been keeping up with us, along to the skate competition/concert (more details on that to come very soon) we have also been planning a design competition for our next batch of tee shirts. We are still sitting on a number of shirts with our current design and so I finally put together the long over due showcase page for these shirts.

Eric Brown Tee Shirt Design

This design was graciously hand crafted by a long time friend of mine and fellow skater, Eric Brown. I would also like to thank Savannah Jeffers for being cute and for having the patience to deal with my clumsy photography skills while she modeled the shirts for us.

We don’t have all size/color combinations left,  so if you would like to purchase a shirt or if you would like to help us out and sell some, just drop us a line at info@parkersburgskateplaza.org and we will let you know what we’ve got.