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24 Mar 2009 | 3 Comments

At our last meeting several attendees were interested in helping to design a new tee-shirt. From there we had the idea of holding a design contest and we are currently talking with the Parkersburg Art Center about possibly hosting the competition. Your work would be on display at the center for an extended period of time for everyone in Parkersburg to check out. They even suggested the possibility of bringing some ramps inside for the show’s grand opening, how great would that be!? But first we need to be sure how many people out there would actually enter, to see if it would even be worth while. We can’t do this thing with 5 designs. So if you are serious and want to enter, we need to know ahead of time before we even decide to go through with it. We need you to post a message here or drop us an email at info@parkersburgskateplaza.org

Another important thing to note, our tee-shirts are composed of only one color. The design of the shirts we are currently selling are actually composed of two colors, but doing that costs more, which cuts into the funds going towards the plaza, which isn’t good, we obviously want as much profit as possible to go straight to that cause. So that is something important to keep in mind when considering entering, would you be able to create a single color design?

19 Mar 2009 | Leave A Comment

We want to thank everyone who showed up Tuesday for our fund raising brain storming meeting. We would also like to apologize for anyone who wasn’t able to find us as I described in the last post to “look for the crowd” and there happened to be another (larger) meeting going on at the city building at the same time. We will do better in the future to make sure everyone gets there.

Right now allot of people are betting on the efforts of the Downtown Taskforce Committee to make things happen, but it’s all a gamble and we never know how much they will be able to bring in, so we can’t just sit around waiting for them to hopefully do all the work for us. One of the newest additions to our list of fund raisers is selling “License To Shop” discount pamphlets for different stores in the Grand Central Mall.

The Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation, Inc

These are a really great idea because they cost us nothing, all $5 that they are sold for goes straight to us, they are aimed for a demographic that we generally don’t reach selling tee-shirts with graffiti logos, and they are very convenient to distribute and sell for any of you wanting to help out. So if you think you can sell some, or would like to buy one yourself just hit us up at info@parkersburgskateplaza.org

The Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation, Inc

We are also looking into different restaurants, right now I believe mainly CiCis, who agree to donate a portion of a night’s income to a cause and in return the cause obviously tries to bring in as many people to their business as possible that night.

But the thing most were excited about at our meeting, was the city’s agreement to allow us to shut down one of the smaller streets downtown on a given Sunday sometime when it gets a bit warmer to host an event. Shawn Surrie of Omega ramps has agreed to bring his portable setup down for the day, we still haven’t decided on what type of competition/s we are going to have, but there will be people skating that is for sure. We also have one band I believe so far that has agreed to preform pro bono and we are looking for more. Though we aren’t legally able to sell food due to liability issues of course, we are welcoming anyone to bring their own setup and lawn chairs to enjoy the day. We are just looking to put together something really fun for everybody and figure out some way to raise money doing it other than walking around all day with a donation can or trying to charge people to hang out in the street with us.

We are still selling tee-shirts and collecting cans like always and we are looking into other avenues, so stay up, stay in touch, keep checking this website, and we will get there sooner or later.

12 Mar 2009 | Leave A Comment

I know it’s kind of short notice, but we are having another meeting in the city building, this time to discuss fund raising events. Shirely has sent out emails to everyone from the last meeting who said they would be willing to help out.

Tuesday March 17th


City Building (just look for the crowd)