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23 Dec 2008 | Leave A Comment

From everyone at the foundation, we would like you wish you a Happy Holiday, and as a present I thought I would link you all to one of my favorite skate videos of 08, which has recently been uploaded by its producers to their website for everyone to enjoy for FREE! Tis the season.

WARNING: To the parents of any of our younger viewers, this video contains a few four letter words, mainly in the music I believe.


19 Dec 2008 | Leave A Comment

We have just confirmed a $10,000 donation from the Wood County Commissioners. There is much more in the works as well, so be sure to come to the upcoming meeting to hear all about it and how you can help speed this process up.

18 Dec 2008 | One Comment

Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation, Inc flyer for a very important up coming meeting

The Parkersburg Skate Plaza Foundation, Inc and the Downtown Task Force Committee are hosting what will hopefully be a large meeting for all the skaters and supporters alike, to come and share your input on your project, because that is what this is, your skate park. We don’t know what kind of ramps or ledges and boxes you want to skate, so you need to come tell us. If you would like, you can download a print size copy of this flyer to pass out at school, work, church, the bar, the mall, or where ever you go.

4 Dec 2008 | 3 Comments

Today we received a sample rendering of what will be the Little Kanawha River Park, which will include the skate plaza. The Foundation in association with the Downtown Taskforce Committee is planning for a ground breaking sometime in Fall 2009. The rendering below is simply a sort of landscape model for the whole park, so don’t panic when you see the crude sketch of the plaza.

However, unless you want to go with the rectangle/tree/lopsided circle blueprint seen below, you are going to need to show up to our next meeting to let us know what you really want. The meeting is going to be held January 8th, at 6:00 PM in the large conference room of the city building. You will get to be on TV (maybe even interviewed), you will get to see a presentation by the Downtown Taskforce Committee about all the new stuff they have in store for the plaza, and you will get to share your own input on the park.

It is also important for you to show up for this meeting because this new committee behind us would like to see just how many people are interested in the park, whether you skate or you are just a fan. The committee is composed of some of the most influential people in Parkersburg, and the larger turnout for this event, the harder they will push to get things moving. I know everyone is busy these days, but this is a month in advance notice for you to schedule that evening off work, or clear your social calendar. All you have to do is show up and be acounted for.