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20 Sep 2008 | Leave A Comment

5th Street Scape

We at the foundation support all improvements of Parkersburg and surrounding cities and towns. The new light posts, brick work, American flags, and trees running from the South Parkersburg bridge to the Belpre bridge on 5th Street are a great first step towards bringing downtown back to life. The sight of it alone can be quite inspiring. I took a trip downtown recently to check it out and take a few photos. Along the way I ran across a new sign explaining how much the project cost and where the money came from.
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11 Sep 2008 | 2 Comments

All of us at the Foundation want to thank everyone who came out to skate in the parade, cheered for us during the parade, all the sponsors, everyone who helped work our stand during the Homecoming, everyone who bought tee-shirts, or whatever way you may have helped we always appreciate it, we need all the help we can get. We also wanted to announce all the lucky winners from our raffle.

1st place – M. Sullivan – Complete FLIP skateboard – donated by Skiers Edge
2nd place – J. Edwards – Rob Holley deck – donated by The Prophecy
3rd place – S. Curfman – Deck with a car or van – donated by The Prophecy
4th place – J. Edmond – Embryo deck – donated by Vienna Bicycle Shop
5th place – J. Bush – Shirt & Hat – donated  by Skiers Edge
6th place – S. Galloway – Parkersburg SkatePlaza Shirt – donated by the Foundation
7th place – R. Seebaugh – Get Me Off the Street Shirt – donated by the Foundation

During the parade we were also handing out short promotional DVD’s made of older footage I’ve shot over the years as well as the short videos that have been posted on here over the last year. Check it out below or download the quicktime file here.

10 Sep 2008 | Leave A Comment

Parkersburg local Justin Tribett was recently featured in a California based online magazine entitled, “Rollzine.” The magazine was founded and is ran by an old friend of ours, Brandon Ballog, from Columbus, OH. Since graduating from Ohio University a few years back Brandon has relocated to Berkley, CA where he began putting together ideas for a magazine, which stemed from a senior project of his while attending OU. So click the image below to see the full, artistically structured, interview and photos of Justin Tribett.