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30 Mar 2008 | Leave A Comment

7:00 pm on April 7th we will be having our first meeting of the new year and hope to see some new faces. The meeting will be at the city building in the small conference room like always. Hope to see you there!

23 Mar 2008 | Leave A Comment

Last weekend Jonathan Hoch of Columbus, Oh and myself headed up to Marietta to help the Telesis group clean up the skate park. The group along with local skaters are trying raise enough money to repair the current ramps and repave the once tennis court foundation. Once this stage is complete they are looking to add additional concrete ramps which require much less maintenance, if any.

9 Mar 2008 | Leave A Comment

I randomly stumbled across this video on youtube and thought it was really good.

You can hear Oke Clothing’s own Eric Brown describing Athens similar situation and need for a skating facility. Eric was also the gracious designer of one of our logos, which can be seen in motion in all of our own videos.

4 Mar 2008 | Leave A Comment

Mike Reaser, Jake Starkey, and myself dropped by Justin Tribett’s house today to skate his small practice rails and I decided to snap a couple shots of Mike while waiting for Jake and Trib to get ready. Hope you enjoy!

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