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19 Feb 2008 | Leave A Comment

Every year at the end of February, the best skaters in the world come to Ohio of all places for one of the largest skate competitions and the only remaining inline skate trade show. This year it is taking place in Columbus, OH at The Flow skatepark. Qualifications begin this Friday evening (February 22nd) but the actual competition doesn’t begin until 4 pm Saturday. If you are interested in the seeing the event you can find more information at www.bittercoldshowdown.com. Also be sure to check out the DVD of last year’s event, which Bitter Cold Showdown founder and organizer Daniel Kinney, has graciously hosted on youtube for everyone to enjoy for free.

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16 Feb 2008 | Leave A Comment

A while back Chad Dicken, Jake Starkey, and myself took a trip to Athens, OH to skate their park. I decided to film some of the local skateboarders while I was there, so check it out! Download the quicktime file here.

6 Feb 2008 | Leave A Comment

Long lost inline skater Mike Reaser (pictured above doing his best tough guy impersonation) stopped by today and took me too a small skate setup him and several friends have inside the Jimmy John’s building in downtown Parkersburg today. Good times were had by all and you can expect to see an edit of some kind soon featuring this small makeshift skate plaza.

2 Feb 2008 | Leave A Comment

Even though it only dropped out of the X-Games a few years back, the average person these days doesn’t seem to know anything about “freestyle” or “aggressive” inline skating. It is much simpler with skate boarding because when you tell someone you skate board, they automatically know you mean that you do tricks on a skate board. When you say that you inline skate or “rollerblade” it could mean any one of the different uses of the skates from freestyle, to recreational, to fitness, to dance, to ski cross training, to hockey, to speed, or even off road mountain skating.

To make things even more confusing, the vague name for all of these divisions itself varies. The most common title is “rollerblading.” However, Rollerblade is simply a brand of skates that grew so popular in the early 90’s that the name became synonymous for the entire activity. To make things even more confusing, the original roller skates invented by ice skaters in the 1700s to mimic their ice skates, were essentially inline skates. Only when the skates were introduced to the United States around 1900 did the quadrilateral wheel arrangement become popular, evolving into the modern concept of the roller skate we all think of today.

The term “rolling” which is short for “rollerblading” has become more and more popular over the years and now the term, “freestyle rolling” to make it a bit more genre specific, has began to gain popularity. Below is a short segment produced by Chris Brown explaining a bit about the sport.