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22 Jan 2008 | 4 Comments

As seen in Saturday’s paper:

PARKERSBURG — State Sen. Donna Boley, R-Pleasants, said a $25,000 grant for a city skate park in Parkersburg is her No. 1 state funding request.

“I have requested the grant through the Community Participation Fund,” she said. “I don’t have it approved yet, but I think it will be.”

Boley expects the money to come through within the next few months. She said the money will be given to the city.

“I will get them the money, but it will be up to them to decide what they want to do with the skate park,” she said.

“The money is for the Community Skateboard project,” Councilman Jim Myers said.

While Myers said skate park plans have already been designed from drawings by kids in favor of the park, Mayor Bob Newell said a professional design may be the city’s first priority.

“A lot of those grants you apply for require a professional design,” he said.

Some advocates of a proposed skate park are asking for a concrete park that could cost as much as $325,000. Though Newell seems to be leaning more toward a proposal that would require a flat, paved surface on which to build a number of composite material ramps. Newell said the only thing that type of skate park would lack would be an in-ground skate bowl.

“If we get $25,000 from the state and $10,000 from the Wood County Commission, and it doesn’t look like there is any other money coming in, I will propose sitting down with people interested in the skate park and propose building a flat surface and putting ramps on top of it.”

Newell said county commissioners pledged $10,000 to the skate park.

“They had said that a couple of years ago, and we will take them up on that at the right time,” he said.

Newell said ultimately the city council will decide what action to take.

Jody Murphy